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-We do not sell the templates, but only a reproduction right for personal use of the template for the purposes of needlepoint.
-This right is non-exclusive, non-transferrable, the authors remain the owners of their templates.

It is strictly forbidden to offer templates from broderie.net for download on a blog, a website or any other means of reproduction.

-You may:
-Print the downloaded templates -Embroid the templates multiple times for personal use or for giving away to your family and friends -Sell the embroided templates (except for the free ones), see terms below. -Sell the embroided templates without restriction for a nonprofit association (even if embroided from free templates)
-change colors to your liking.
-upload pictures of the embroideries created from the templates, as long as the pictures aren't close-ups that may be used to copy the template.

You may not:
- Embroid the same purchased model and resell it multiple times - If that's what you'd like to do, considering the low price of the artwork, you need to purchase the same template as many times as needed. For instance, if you'd like to sell an embroided model 5 times, you would purchase the template five times, as the price of a template constitutes a right of reproduction, which doesn't apply to free templates (this doesn't concern nonprofit associations).
-Print the templates so as to give them away for free or resell them
-Resell or give the downloaded files away.
-Sublicence the templates or sell rights on the templates, distribute, transfer or resell the templates
-Use the templates to compete against broderie.net

If you're organizing a 'stitch a long', you need to purchase as many templates as there are entrants
-The templates aren't a resource for vendors.
-This notably means any reselling, listing the templates in an order, as a kit or in any other form. Violating these restrictions constitutes a forgery that may incur civil and penal responsibility.

-By purchasing templates, you hold a non-exclusive, personal and non-transferrable right, in accordance to the French Intellectual Propery Code.
Using the templates provides the customer with no intellectual property rights.

-Violating these restrictions constitutes a forgery that may incur civil and penal responsibility.

-This site's contents are the exclusive property of Jean-Louis Grandsire.
-Any reproduction of this site, in whole or in part, on any medium, is forbidden
-The customer may not make the templates publically available by publishing them on another website, blog, newsgroup, or any other means of downloading.

-The broderie.net website may not be held responsible for failure of the server on which its site his hosted.
-If you encounter any issue, please do get in touch with us, and we will do our best to serve you.

-Any purchase indicates your agreement to these terms and conditions.


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